6 Thai Food Gems That Are Good For Your Health

There’s no doubt that Thai food is one of the most delicious cuisines on the planet. With its rich spices, distinct aromas, and flavor-filled meals, it’s the favorite of millions of people.

However, not a lot of people are aware of the health benefits that our bodies derive from consuming Thai dishes. The wide assortment of ingredients is known for properties that improve our body’s digestion and metabolism. 

Here are six Thai dishes and ingredients that are healthy for you!


Broth-based soups

Any Thai soup that’s made from broth instead of the usual coconut milk is healthy for the body. A bowl of broth soup is low in fat and calories, and high in protein when coupled with prawn or chicken. These soups can be consumed as a healthy appetizer because they cleanse your palette, or as a filling meal because of the vegetables.


One of the most commonly used ingredients in Thai cuisine, galangal is a relative of ginger and, hence, contains properties that aid with digestion. It’s used in Thai stir-fried noodles such as Pad Thai, as well as in Thai curries. The herb is also effective in reducing the risks of developing heart disease.  

Fresh spring rolls

Filled with vegetables and lots of fiber, according to the American Heart Association, fresh rolls are another healthy Thai food option. The steamed rolls are low in fat and hence have a lower calorie intake without compromising on the flavor. The sweet and sour sauce that accompanies the rolls also contains the right amount of sodium needed for improved metabolism. 


Used extensively in Thai cuisine as a means to bring about fresh flavors, lemongrass has a multitude of health benefits. It helps reduce inflammation in the body and lessens the likelihood of developing a heart condition. It’s also responsible for improving our oral health.

Cashew Chicken

Since chicken is high in protein and nuts contain healthy fats, cashew chicken ranks low on the cholesterol scale. Unlike its other counterparts that incorporate coconut milk, cashew chicken lacks the saturated fat that can clog arteries if there’s excessive intake. Served with steamed rice, the dish becomes an overall healthy meal with the addition of fibers and whole grains.


Coriander is used in its seed form as well its herb form in Thai cosine. The nutritional value of this herb can be derived from ancient times when Greek, Roman and Indian healers would use this to help people overcome insomnia. It also helps lower cholesterol levels and indigestion.

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