Why You Should Treat Yourself with Comfort Food At A Fancy Thai Restaurant

It’s a healthy habit to treat yourself to things you enjoy from time to time. Not only does it boost morale and give you something to look forward to, it serves as an outlet for any build-up of stress or frustration.

This is because your mind is distracted from the matter you’re worried or stressed about and you focus instead on what’s in front of you. And what better distraction is there than food?

Studies have proven that food can help relieve stress. The concept of “comfort food” basically involves treating yourself to food that you enjoy for comfort when not all is well in your life.

How Does Comfort Food Help?

There’s a lot of research and many different factors as to how comfort food can help people relieve stress. Research indicates that foods high in carbohydrates and fat are what people are more attracted to when under stress. This is because comfort food helps release chemicals and hormones in the body that include serotonin, dopamine and endorphins which are known to influence mood and behavior.

Why Choose Comfort Food?

There are other methods of relieving stress and distracting yourself; but when you’re down in the dumps, all you need is something that makes you feel at home. Even though indulging in comfort food is a short-term solution, people still choose it. In fact, research that suggests that it’s not entirely about the food but more about the taste.

It doesn’t sound too unbelievable if you think about it as everyone who indulges in “comfort food” always choose a food dish that they really enjoy eating.  

Why Thai Food?

As discussed earlier, not only does comfort food depend on the ingredients of the dish but also on the taste of it. Thai food might not be very rich in fat but it possesses a number of healthy ingredients, which make it a great source of healthy food.

If the food you’re eating is healthy then your overall health stays in good shape and you don’t have to worry about really letting yourself go in those stressful situations.

Thai food is also some of the most flavorful food worldwide. It’s famous for its burst of flavors and superior taste. Treating yourself to a nice night out at a Thai restaurant could be one of the best comfort food choices you could make.

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Morgan Taylor