Date Night Ideas: Food Edition

When it comes to date night, having great food is almost always a given. Most date night plans will have food in there somewhere, whether it’s after a long walk on the beach or a movie or right before an activity that you might’ve planned.

Food is always incorporated into the plan. But, what if having food was the plan?

While most first dates happen at places like coffee shops, you could always choose to spice it up a little by planning your date around the food. Let’s see how you can change the average date night and make it just about you, your partner and some good food.

Just Ordering In

This is simple yet also can be very romantic, if done right. The main point of going on dates or date night is to spend some quality time with your partner. How you choose to spend that time and make the most of it is entirely up to you. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from all the generic date night options where you just have to go out.

It’s nice and a great bonding experience when you can just order in food. You can just sit on the couch cuddling with your partner as you both feed each other little bites while enjoying a nice movie.

Make It Specially For Them

One of the most romantic food ideas for date night is to prepare your partner an entire meal all by yourself. Yes, it may sound like a lot of work but trust us when we say that your partner will be more than just thankful for the extra effort.

The Classic Dining Out Option

Yes, this probably is the most generic idea for when it comes to date night, but there’s a reason people still opt for this the most. It’s only generic because of its success. Taking your date out for a lovely dinner just has an allure that you can’t quite get enough of.

You both pick out a restaurant that you enjoy and love, and then just lose yourself in the moment. Where you go for dinner is important here as going to a fast food restaurant doesn’t really play out for a “romantic” option.

We suggest keeping it interesting by visiting places with different kinds of cuisine than you normally have, and Thai food is one kind of cuisine you could never go wrong with.  

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