3 Top Celebrity Thai Chefs Who Put Thai Food On The Map

Thai food has been a global sensation for a long period and everywhere it’s served, it has its own influences that make the cuisine even more unique. Even in the United States, whether it’s New York or L.A., Thai eateries are excellent at making a mark in their own neighborhoods.

There have been plenty of local and international chefs who have done brilliantly in their professional culinary careers to evolve the quality of Thai food. Some have even put their own unique spin on some of the traditional dishes exclusive to the cuisine. Let’s take a look at these culinary experts.

Kris Yenbamroong


Kris and his Thai restaurant Talesai in Los Angeles is a testament to Thai cuisine and to one of the only cities to have a densely populate Thai town in the states. As an Asian-American chef he was able to put his unique spin on his family-owned restaurant. He was able to attune the food served in his eatery to the needs and demands of the culture in Los Angeles to be able to market are better and more homely for the locals.

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Jay Fai


One of the most heart-warming and wholesome culinary career stories is of this remarkable woman. She is a 70-year old Thai woman who was officially crowned as the Queen of Street Food in Thailand after winning her first Michelin star at the launch of the Bangkok Guide.

Her most renowned dish? The delicious and hefty crab omelet which leaves tourists and locals satisfied. With great taste comes great value for money, and that’s what street food is meant to be about. Despite all her fame and success, this long-time expert has kept her food stall as humble as ever with just her two woks she started with.

Sirichalerm Svasti Vadhana

One of the most famous names and the top chef in Thailand is Sirichalerm Svasti Vadhana who juggles many hats. He is an author of his cookbook, and an instructional course called Principle of Thai Cookery. Along with that he is also an expert in gourmet cooking and of course, he can’t do all this without being a master chef.

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