3 Reasons to Get Thai Food Catering at Your Next Event

There are many reasons that set Thai food apart from other cuisines. It’s a complex blend of flavors intricately prepared with fresh ingredients. It’s made with aromatic spices and herbs such as curry powder, basil, galangal, lemongrass, and fish and shrimp paste.

It’s one of the most wholesome Asian foods and the taste is enhanced by influences from Vietnamese, Chinese and Malaysian cuisine. The central focus of Thai food is on curry-based mains, along with flavorful jasmine rice or different kinds of noodles. With an emphasis on vegetables, there are many vegetarian options as well for anyone who wants to design an inclusive menu for their guests.

Image showing best thai food nyc

Here are reasons to serve Thai food served at your next event and ways to make it a success.

Food is always served fresh

One of the main things that people tend to remember about a successful event is how tasty the food was. Serving freshly made and wholesome food like Thai food wins people over instantly. It also invigorates all your senses and with the pleasant aroma; you get to smell your food and enjoy its aesthetic appeal before you get to taste it.  

It offers a unique experience

Thai food, unlike American food, doesn’t overdo it with portion size. Moreover, it offers a shared dining experience, so there are no individual servings.

The smaller portions are deliberate as it allows you to have a little bit of everything, and with a diverse range of options in the cuisine, you don’t want to be missing out on anything!

Wide Variety of options

Thai food has everything from the best seafood dishes like spicy seafood soup, shrimp mango salad, salmon green curry, pink (Yentafo) noodle soups and much more. There are vegetarian dishes such as garlic tofu and eggplant, spicy eggplant basil, fire watercress and even a vegetable platter. Beef, chicken and duck options are also available. The menu at your event will be anything but boring.

You can even have a mini-soiree or a tea and serve appetizers only which are mouthwatering, filling and very hard to resist. Crispy vegetable spring rolls, curry puffs and fish cakes go well with most drinks served as well.

Wontons and shrimp rolls are easy and bite-size which make socializing while munching together easy to do and keep guests happy!

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