5 Best Restaurants You Need To Try in Queens, NY.

There’s no single identity that is exclusive to Queens because it’s the most culturally diverse borough. It also happens to be New York’s largest borough in terms of land and offers tourists and locals all kinds of cuisines. Some of the rarest cuisines have their own eateries and vendors in this happening neighborhood. So if you want to travel the world in one go, it’s the place to be.

To help you on your culinary adventure, we have compiled a list of the best places to hit for all of Queen’s diverse cuisines. Here is your guide to all the places that come highly recommended by foodies, bloggers, and critics alike.

Lokanta in Astoria

A Turkish delight in the truest sense of the phrase, this restaurant has much to offer. From the best and strongest coffee to a hearty, wholesome breakfast of poached eggs, this place is a favorite of many. You can even find stuffed Cornish hen, manti and shrimp casserole for days when you just want to indulge.

Image showing Thai cuisine menu

The Freaking Rican in Astoria

This small but big at heart Puerto Rican restaurant is much like its wholesome owners and couple, Derick and Victor who serve the best cod fritters. They also feature an extensive menu and a mean variety of appetizers which includes empanadas, mains, sandwiches, soups with sides and desserts. Check out their daily lunch specials for something fiery on the go.

Warique in Jackson Heights

This restaurant opened first in the Upper West Side, moved to Astoria and then found its way to Jackson Heights. But it has its roots planted in Peruvian cuisine and offers the most delicious salchipapas that are a must-have! Other specialties include Ceviche and fried seafood.

Papa’s Kitchen in Jackson Heights

Filipino food made even more delicious with some of the best dishes straight from manila served in this local favorite. Crisp fried pork belly with multiple dipping sauces is its most famous dish with other hot items being chicken adobo and fried milkfish.

Spicy Shallot in Jackson Heights

Thai food like no other, this is the pride and the cornerstone of Jackson Heights. One of the best Thai food restaurants in New York, this place has everything to offer from appetizers, salads, noodles, wok dishes, sea food and of course curries!

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